Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A New Project.....Continued

The Star Flowers quilt that I posted yesterday has been coming along quite quickly.  The blocks are large so I am feeling fairly confidant that I will finish the blocks today sometime.  I can share the blocks as I am cutting and preparing them to put altogether.

I found this pattern in the current Fons and Porter, Love of Quilting Magazine, March/April 2014 issue.  The designer is pictured below, Diane Tomlinson.

In the article, this unit is called the "Star Point Unit."  It is just three parallelogram pieces that are cut with the 60 degree line on your ruler.  I used my own ruler instead of purchasing the suggested Fons and Porter 60 Degree Diamonds Ruler.  Before you start be sure that your ruler is marked with 60 degree lines.  I only had one ruler that had the lines that I needed:  Nifty Notions or NN7x14.

The bottom photograph shows the actual color of the fabric, cheddar.  I don't know what happened with the photograph on top.  I tried to "fix" it but I was unable to do so.  Oh well, I am just happy that one of the photographs depict the actual color.

I've photographed half of the block I am very pleased that it went together easily.  Hahaha, I say that now!  I will post my results tomorrow once I sew more blocks together.

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