Monday, May 20, 2013

Finally making the baby quilt!

I am finally returning to my blog.  I apologize again for not writing as frequently as I would like to.  I work sporadically at the local high school and I have been busy with organizing the STAR testing materials.   

I have many quilting/piecing projects in my pile of work to be finishedI have just finished piecing the quilt pictured below.  I used Jaybird Quilts Ballerina pattern by Julie Herman to make this baby pink quilt.  The pattern states that you should use a 12" Finished Size Creative Grids 60 degree Triangle Ruler.  I used the Hex N More Ruler by Julie to make this quilt.  Both rulers are 60 degree rulers so I just used an additional ruler with the Jaybird ruler to make the blocks larger.  It was very easy.  It probably took me 3-4 hours to assemble the quilt.

It is intended for a teacher at the school that I work at, Rio Americano High School.  Both she and her husband have taught all three of my children at one time or another so I decided to make a quilt for their daughter when she was pregnant.  Unfortunately, their daughter is now TWO YEARS OLD!  Ugh! 

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