Sunday, April 17, 2016

River Rock BOM - Month 3 and Maui Photos

I really enjoy sewing these blocks together.  They are made from batik fabric and the piecing is fun because they are large pieces of fabric.

There were three blocks that had to be sewn:

Block B - 20 1/2" x 20 1/2" Finished

Spacer - 8" x 13" Finished

Block A with Spacer - 13" x 21.5"

In addition to the large blocks, this BOM is particularly fun because you are given a layer cake (10" pieces of fabric) and you have to go through and determine which fabrics to use for each block.  Instructions on the cutting of each fabric are included so make it easier.  I enjoy the process of sorting through the fabrics.

Maui Photo outside our hotel in Ka'anapali.  A storm was rolling in and there was a light rain and wind.  

On our way to the airport we stopped at Iao National Park.  It was a wonderful green and lush place in the mountains.  It isn't that high up but it was beautiful. The island of Maui is pretty dry at sea level but this is where is rains over 250 days a year and the water collected from four rivers produce water for the entire agricultural area of West Maui. 

This is the needle at the top of Iao Park.  It was used as a lookout for King Kameamea's men in his attempt to unify Hawaii.  There was a fierce battle here where King Kameamea defeated the natives Maui islanders to unify the Hawaiian islands.  One of the signs in the park stated that so many men were killed in this battle that their bodies blocked the water.  Ewww!

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