Sunday, April 19, 2015

More photographs of the Quilts for the Wedding

This is the "Ripples" Quilt.
I finally finished the binding
and placed label in the lower
left corner.

This is the back of the quilt.  
I did not buy enough fabric so
I had to add these 12" stars.
The stars added some interest 
to the back of the quilt.

The name of this quilt is "Anchors."
Anchors is the theme of the wedding.
I was afraid that I did not have enough time
to finish the quilts before the wedding.
I decided to make large blocks hence the 
two quilts shown here.

Erin's husband to be, August is an 
experienced sailor thus the anchor/sailing theme.
I made the quilts a bit larger then I had
anticipated.  I had to add the stars to the
back of the quilt to accommodate my
small purchases.

By the way, the quilting was done by Tracy Palumbo.
I will complete the remainder of the quilts, labels and
binding in the next few days.  I am scheduled to work
at our local high school next week.  I will publish the 
two quilts when I finish.

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