Monday, August 5, 2013

Cute Fabrics!

Today, I took my youngest daughter, Caroline to UC Davis.  She just completed her first year at UC San Diego.  Caroline had to take a class over the 1st session of summer school at UC San Diego and decided to take the 2nd session at UC Davis to get a math class (the fifth class out of six in the calculus series) out of the way.  I dropped her off close to lecture hall and had nothing to do for the next 1 1/2 hours.  I decided to go to Vacaville and try to locate a quilt store, A Quilted Heart.  I've heard that it is cute and a lot of fun.  Well, I found it and loved the friendliness of the staff.  It is right off the Alamo exit and attached to a sewing and vacuum store.  I purchased the cutest fabric by Joanna Figueroa, a designer who lives in the East Bay.  Her company's name is Fig Tree and Company.  She also has a blog that I love to read.  She is so creative and talented.  I purchased several yards of fabric and a jelly roll.

I purchased an "Avalon" jelly roll and four yards of fabric from Joanna's "Tapestry" fabric line.  Her fabrics are lovely pastels and it looks like the jelly roll and the fabric will blend together to make a great quilt.

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