Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February 20, 2013

Well, here I am trying to start writing again.  My intention was to take a break from writing for the holidays, Christmas through New Years.  Obviously, I took a longer break than I had hoped and just became lazy.  I have been busy  keeping up with my many quilting projects.  

One thing that I have enjoyed is purchasing PatternFile from  This website and program allows you to put all of your patterns that you have purchased on your computer and in my case, my iPad (through a mobile app) so that I can always access the patterns and the amounts of fabric that I need.  I took pictures with my digital camera and downloaded them to my computer and moved them to the corresponding pattern on PatternFile.  There is even an area to let you know if you have pieces that are missing, what condition the pattern is in and where you can find it!  I do have issues with taking good pictures but my husband, Dermet, has helped me immensely with advice on how to take better photographs. 

Unfortunately, I found about six patterns that I purchased twice!  I think that will be one of things that I will eliminate (I hope!) because I will have my patterns with me most of the time (I don't always have my iPad with me).  Over the last two days, I have put over 300 patterns onto this program to access.  I just put the patterns that were easily accessible in my sewing area.  I have two more bins (older patterns) that I will place on PatternFile just to have a complete inventory (Yes, I am one of those people!).

I also want to give away the patterns that I no longer want or need to other sewers.  I wonder if there is a place to publish pictures of them to either exchange patterns or just give them away.  I will ask around or if you know of anything like that, let me know.

I will publish in the next few weeks some of the work that I have finished during the time that I was not writing on this blog.



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